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Most people have rain gutters on their homes already, and most know their basic purpose. But they can often be a ‘forgotten asset’ to the home that we ignore until a problem arises. The truth is, if you’re a home or business owner, you should be paying more attention to your gutters. Why? They can prevent you from dealing with major disasters to your property later on.

The Rain Gutters are happy to be your Glendale specialists in installing and cleaning gutters. With over 20 years of experience in the area, we know what your home needs to stay dry and safe, no matter the weather.

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Glendale is the third largest city in LA county, right at the juncture of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys. It’s a historical city, first occupied by the Tongva Indians, but it’s also an active city that is incredibly unique when compared to some of the sister locations in the area.

It’s home to many attractions, including the Forest Lawn Memorial Park - a famous celebrity burial ground, and the Verdugo Adobe - the oldest building in the city. Because it’s close to LA, you can take advantage of Los Angeles’ sports teams and nightlife, without having to live in the busy, bustling city. Glendale itself has plenty of attractions for locals to take part in.

Perhaps what’s most interesting, when it comes to how weather affects your gutters, is that Glendale gets about 21 inches of precipitation each year. It’s easy to think about fun in the sun when you’re in California, but it’s also important to think about the type of gutters you need to keep your home safe and secure.

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The Rain Gutters is a well-established business in the Glendale area, with over 20 years of experience installing and cleaning gutters of all different kinds. Unsure of what type of gutters your home needs? We specialize in aluminum, stainless steel, and copper gutters, as well as rain chains. Even if you’re not sure how those materials can differ, we’ll explain everything, so you can make the best choice that fits your individual needs.

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Without the proper gutters installed, you’re putting your property at risk for a lot of long term damage. It doesn’t take much precipitation to clog up old gutters, or ones that simply haven’t been cleaned in awhile. When water gets backed up, it can flow into your house, or cause structural damage to your foundation. Again, it’s easy to ignore the importance of gutters until something out of our control happens, and disaster strikes.

The good news? You can keep your home and its foundation well-protected by having the right gutters installed, or simply by making sure your existing gutters are free of debris. At The Rain Gutters, we’re happy to take care of whatever your needs may be, so you can live comfortably without the worry of rain ruining your day.

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